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After weeks of preparation, the thirty foot 'Tower of Intention' burns on Sunday night at the Deep Creek Mine.

Over five hundred revelers, young and old alike, turned out to take part in local architect and Burning Man artist Anton Viditz-Ward and [his] community’s annual fundraiser, held at the Deep Creek Mine on Sunday night, May 30th.  The event is held each year to raise money for the construction and transportation to Burning Man of Viditz-Ward’s latest projects, this year’s being a twenty foot- plus high kinetic fire art sculpture entitled The Towering Inferno.

Hundreds marvel at the flames while DJ Jeremy Baron spins an eclectic mix and the Tower burns.

This year’s Burn saw the Telluride debut of ‘The Palindrome,’ Viditz-Ward’s 2009 Burning Man art piece.

The Palindrome's two fire baskets spin in opposition to each other on giant steel arms.

The Palindrome sits motionless, allowing the wood burning within its fire baskets to reach a blaze that will enable the flames to continue through spin after spin.

Fire in motion.

There was no shortage of pyrotechnics on Sunday night.  High-powered grease bomb cannons were lit continuously- bursting their fiery mushroom cloud explosions up to forty feet in the air- while dj beats played to the creatively-costumed and dancing crowd of well over five hundred.

Fiery explosions filled the night at the Mine on Sunday.

Fun was the theme for most guests at the party.

The joy of grease bombs, seen from above.

The Tower of Intention itself was lit with a well-aimed blast from The Grease Bomb.

Once The Tower burned down just past midnight, the action moved to inside the Mine itself, where softly lit tunnels led first to a large chill out room complete with couches, lazy-boys, coffee tables, and blacklights and then on to ‘The Gallery,’ a custom-built dancehall deep within the Mine that can hold 500 revelers- and all without a trace of any knowledge of whether it is in fact day or night outside.

After walking through a mineshaft style tunnel, guests enter 'The Gallery.'

The entertainment inside The Gallery began with Burning Man favorites The Mutaytor, a rock n’ roll theatrical circus, complete with aerialists and fire-spinners.

The Mutaytor in action.

The view from the stage looking back.

When the Mutaytor finished, the ‘after party’ began, with dj’s Soul Atomic, Ryan Smith, Krittah, and Sunday playing to the crowd until nearly 6am.

Enthusiasm was contagious all night in The Gallery, where the beats just kept going and going- and going.

(Left to right) DJ Soul Atomic, Mutaytor singer and guitarist Buck AE Down, and Anton Viditz-Ward celebrating an evening well done somewhere around 3am.


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