Mike Gordon and Trey Anastasio at last year's Festival 8.

Coming to Telluride for the shows and trying to navigate the million-plus things to do?  Click here to check out THE TELLURIDE PHISH SURVIVAL GUIDE.

Coming to Telluride for the shows and trying to navigate the million-plus things to do?

…With just one week to go until Phish play their first shows in Telluride in nearly twenty years, just about everything is falling into place- except the weather.


Clouds hang low over the Telluride valley early Monday morning.

Unfortunately August is monsoon season in Telluride, and this year particularly has been unseasonably rainy. “The rain started about two weeks ago,” said local trail runner Bart Hero, “and it hasn’t stopped since.”


Pedestrians shelter themselves from the rain with umbrellas on Sunday afternoon.

The current forecast for Telluride shows rain due to continue through next weekend- but not necessarily beyond.


A local bus makes it way through the rain soaked streets.

“The day before yesterday the rain was running down the sidewalk on Main Street like a raging river,” Hero said. ” Not even in the gutter; it was overflowing right out of the gutter onto half of the sidewalk!”


Rain water sits in a puddle on Main Street.

Will the rain stop in time for the historic shows to come?  “Absolutely,” says visitor Jacob Devaney, who is in town from Arizona for the shows.  “And even if it doesn’t, a little rain never got in the way of ten thousand people having a great time in a beautiful place, while listening to fantastic music.” And what about a bit of sunshine for the shows?

“Well,” said Devaney.  “There’s nothing like putting your positive intention into something that you’d like to see happen.”  Not to mention thousands of people putting their collective positive intention into what they’d like to see happen…


"Yippeeee!" The sentiment that comes to mind when considering the idea of sun-drenched Phish shows in Telluride. A reveler at Phish's Festival 8 in Indio, California gets 'up' to 'Antelope.'

So Phish fans, whether you live in Telluride or if you’re coming from half way across the US (as many fans are), put your positive intention into bringing the sunshine for next Monday and Tuesday’s shows.  With a little bit of luck, we will all be enjoying the beauty of Telluride’s Town Park along with the music of Phish and a whole lot of warm weather and sunshine.


What next week's Telluride shows could look like: the sun shines down on fans at Phish's Festival 8.

If [and when] the sun does come out for the shows, another question on many fans minds is just what the setup in the park will look like.  As many people know, the Town Park stage is far too small to accommodate Phish’s traditional stage setup, what with Chris Kuroda’s giant light rigs alone.  Just look at the photo below from Festival 8 to get an idea of just how big we’re talking about here.


Phish's giant stage setup at Phish's Festival 8. Their stage setup will inevitably be redesigned for the Telluride shows, taking into account the considerably smaller stage that they have to work with.

However it plays out, rest assured, the shows looks to be epic in all proportions.  The projections about what the band will play have been well underway since the shows were first confirmed back in March.  Many fans are speaking of the fabled Gamehendge story that has only been played a handful of times in its entirety over the course of Phish’s entire career and how the backdrop of  the surrounding peaks of Telluride- not to mention the fact that Wilson Peak looms nearby in the distance (!)- would make for the perfect if not obvious choice for just such a rendition in its entirety. “Telluride is Gamehendge,” said local extreme-skier and Phish fan Dan Plumer. “They’ve played [just about] all of the [Gamehendge] songs already this summer and they may really be gearing up to do it here.”


A fan enjoys the glory of Phish at Festival 8.

As more than one fan has said, whatever they play the shows will be a fantastic experience.  Telluride is a festival town after all, with deep roots in and a long history of live music.  Bands are often at their best here, rain or shine.  Whatever the weather, close to ten thousand people will be getting down in one of the most beautiful venues on earth.  If you’re on your way to Telluride for the shows this week, enjoy yourself, and please, clean up after yourself, take care of our town, and be kind.  I’m sure that everyone will as this will ensure that all of us will have that much better of a time together all around. And I do hope that you’ll be here because I know that I will be.  With my 12-year-old son and his lovely stepmom, having the time of our lives with many of our best friends in the world who are coming to Telluride from near and far.  And I, like many others, will be praying for sun.




To view the history of ‘The Road to Phish In Telluride,’ as well as photos from Phish’s Festival 8 and the Hampton Reunion shows- and more, please CLICK HERE.  And if fact, to view everything to do at all with Phish and Telluride, and to check out all kinds of images of goings-on in Telluride from snowboard competitions to music and film festivals and about everything in between, visit Telluride Photography.Net.


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